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Check out the collection of the most exciting trends in smart manufacturing implementation at each and every stage of product lifecycle 


System Engineering

Integration of physical and digital worlds enables creation of a product which 100% meets the requirements of the customer already at the design stage, bringing verification process, simulations, tests and confirmation of changes to the digital environment. This approach means substantially shorter time to the market as well as dramatially lower cost

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CAD is used throughout the engineering process from conceptual design and layout of products, through strength and dynamic analysis of assemblies, to the definition of manufacturing methods be fore the manufacturing acrtually starts. This allows to both interactively and automatically analyze design variants, to find the optimal design for manufacturing while minimizing the use of physical prototypes. The use of CAD allows for lower product development costs, increased productivity, improved product quality and faster time-to-market.

Computer-aided design

Today, products are complex systems, operating with pre-installed or cloud software solutions. These solutions allow for adjusting product propertieswhile in operation, adopting them with maximum precision to the end user’s requirements.

Software development

Smart manufacturing technologies allow for the production of an accurate development prototype for viability testing, ergonomics assessment, and design evaluation within an extremely short period of time. Such approach dramatically reduces technical preparations required for new production, cuts production costs, and increases flexibility

Rapid prototyping

Digital visualization allows for the inspection of a product, examination of the assembly and disassembly sequence, analyses of internal components and to assessment of external appearance prior to launching production. The client has the advantage to closely inspect future products and propose changes and amendments at the development stage.

Digital visualization

Digital twin creation

Digital twin - a three dimensional virtual copy of a physical product. Following the input of new data, the twin reflects in real-time how the object changes physically, and under what kind of conditions it is performing. This allows the designers to have a clearer understanding of the modifications required to the design, manufacturing, operations and maintenance of the product.

Digital simulation

The use of digital technologies enables the testing of various designs and engineering solutions prior to prototyping and production in a digital (as opposed to physical) environment.

Product life cycle cost analysis

Digital technologies ensure precise calculations of production and operating costs at the development stage, and help avoiding increase of production costs in the production process.


Process design 

Technologies of smart manufacturing help to synchronize the working process of constructors, technologists, suppliers; accurately plan and synchronize technological process before the manufacturing process gets launched
Smart manufacturing technologies allow for efficient management of supply chains and distribution networks in real time, adjusting production volumes based on demand and supply optimization.

Supplier and manufacturer management

После этапа проектирования необходимо спланировать производственный процесс. Технологии умного производства позволяют автоматизировать планирование, оптимизировать производственный процесс до его начала, оптимально распределить производственные мощности.

Project adaptation for production capability

New generation of composites can respond to temperature, mechanical or barometric impact and other effects, which completely eliminates the need to install additional sensors.

Smart materials



Smart manufacturing is becoming more flexible, new technologies give an opportunity to produce unique customized products at the price of mass ones. The production becomes discrete: additive technologies, automatization and, due to the use of software, the opportunity to change and fix the functionality of robotized facilities allow to launch non-specialized plants, which produce various products according to customer’s order
Аддитивные технологии [ 13 ] 100% 50%
Real-time performance monitoring provides companies and users with the opportunity to track performance indicators, cut costs, and reduce downtime.

Real-time operations monitoring

Smart manufacturing technologies allow for optimal use of industrial facilities and downtime minimization.

Interplant cooperation

Internet enables companies to unify supply chains that spread worldwide.

Real-time supply chain management

Smart technologies boost production and promote rational use of materials, energy, and equipment. Data flows allow for performance optimization of smart devices and their operations in all links of value chain.

Lean production


Smart manufacturing technologies enable the production of minimal batches at the same cost as large-scale production and provide the opportunity for maximal product adaptation to specific consumer demands
Look how BRP Rotax has changed its production to mass manufacturing of customised engines

Batch size 1

M2M interaction

Robotization improves operating cost efficiency, ensures consistently high quality of production, streamlines production operations making them more flexible and reduces capital expenditures. 


Process automation

New production method when material is added layer upon layer. Unlike traditional technologies where details are cut from blanks resulting in some material being discarded, 3D printing involves computer prototyping and printing the object from plastic, metal orcomposites, which streamlines the production process and renders it more precise and efficient.

Additive technologies



New technologies are changing the general idea of maintenance: though before the problem was solved as it occurred, nowadays, on the contrary, prevention along with urred, nowadays, on the contrary, prevention along with on-condition repair and remote monitoring are at the forefront. Smart product controls its own work and transmits the data about its current condition to the producer, what reduces costs on service, makes it quicker and makes the use of the product cheaper and more effective.

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Software installed on a tablet, smartphone or special glasses interacts with special marks on a product or production line, identifies options or parts, detects defects, displays detailed information on the type of defect, and provides troubleshooting instructions, which streamlines detection and repairs and saves on repairs performed by special service teams.

Use of augmented reality in production and service

3D printing provides access to rapid prototyping and printing of spare parts. Companies will reduce costs dramatically due to the ability to print the majority of essential components instead of placing orders that often have to be shipped internationally

Additive printing network

Product life cycle contracts

Hundreds of sensors installed on a product or production line transmit data that allow for real-time monitoring and enable the transition from scheduled maintenance to repairs as required, which significantly decreases downtime
Predictive repairs transform Trenitalia's operations, reducing costs by 8-10%

Predictive repairs and service

Digital spare parts supply chain control ensures timely order processing and delivery, minimizing production interruptions and downtimes and maximizing production equipment efficiency.

Digital spare parts supply management

Remote equipment service

Developers add diagnostics software that monitors equipment status and operations and notifies service personnel of breakdowns by transmitting information directly to a tablet or computer. Defects can be eliminated remotely, often just by rebooting the system or updating software

Predictive infrastructure servicing

Constant remote monitoring enables breakdown and defect forecasting and eliminates the need for object inspection by special service teams, which is particularly relevant for extensive and remote infrastructure objects, such as power transmission lines and pipelines


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